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Why Twilight Teeth?

Twilight Teeth pioneered teeth whitening in the indoor tanning industry. We are the leaders in innovation for this type of product, and although we have been imitated by other companies, no other teeth whitening system offers you the most comprehensive teeth whitening system in or out of the tanning industry.

How does Twilight Teeth work?

The surface of your teeth contains millions of microscopic pores. Over time, organic compounds from food, beverages, and tobacco settle into these pores and cause discoloration of the tooth enamel. Twilight Teeth removes these stains with a powerful teeth-whitening process. The active ingredient in the system is carbamide peroxide, the same active ingredient used in professional dental offices nationwide. The whitening gel penetrates the pores in the surface of the teeth and removes stains by the process of oxidation. Because carbamide peroxide is accelerated by heat, the Twilight Teeth mouthpiece works to allow the UV light which already bleaches the teeth to heat and activate the whitening gel creating an easier, faster process for whitening teeth.

How long is the process?

Twilight teeth starts working in as little as 6 minutes. The whitening process can be achieved through regular tanning sessions. Most people see dramatic results after their 1st use, and extremely dramatic results after their 3rd use. At this point they usually stop using it because their teeth are white enough. But continue the process until you achieve the desired level of whitening.

How long will the results last?

Your teeth will stay noticeably whiter from 6 month to a year, or more. Your unique combination of age, foods, beverages, smoking habits and tooth structure will influence the long-term results.

I have sensitive teeth and have found that most systems leave me with pain after I use them. Will Twilight Teeth leave me in pain?

Twilight Teeth is the first to utilize a system that doesn’t submerge your teeth (virtually over exposing the tooth’s surface) in a tray. Twilight Teeth utilizes a polymer-based system that adheres to where you apply it and starts whitening immediately during tanning session. Although our formula is stronger than over the counter systems it is the patented technology that reduces the sensitivity down to virtually undetectable, very suitable for tanners with even the most sensitive teeth.

Does the process work on dental restoration?

No. The Twilight Teeth was developed specifically to whiten natural tooth enamel. Therefore, this system will not whiten or alter any dental restoration such as fillings, crowns, veneers, bonding, or bridgework.

Will Teeth Whitening or Twilight Teeth harm the teeth?

No. Research data to date shows that there is no apparent risk to the teeth.

Will Teeth Whitening or Twilight Teeth hurt the soft tissue?

People with periodontal disease (gum disease), or excessive caries (cavities), should be treated for these conditions prior to undergoing the vital tooth bleaching procedure or using Twilight Teeth. The active ingredient in the bleaching gel itself is safe, but if sensitivity to the soft tissue does occur it typically flags an existing problem not normally associated with the bleaching product itself, but rather with the dental or oral health condition of the person using the product.

How do I care and store my Twilight Teeth?

You can wash the mouthpiece in warm soapy water and store in a cool dry place away from excessive heat. Make sure applicator and gel is not exposed to heat, such as being left in a car or exposed to direct sunlight. Doing so can cause the product to be less effective.