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How does it work?

Obtain whitening results that only Dentists could achieve, and save time and money, by using Twilight Teeth during your tanning session with No Sensitivity!

It’s complete with a comfortable mouthpiece and a simple application process with an enjoyable mint flavor. Before your tanning session place Twilight Teeth mouth guard in position making sure that teeth are visible through the front of the mouthpiece. Apply one layer of Twilight Teeth U.V. Whitener on your teeth. No need to re-apply. Do not rinse.

You will notice Dramatic Results after Your 1st Use!
And Extremely Dramatic Results after Your 3rd Use!

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Planet sun has amazing beds, clean, and very friendly staff. Highly recommend this tanning salon 🙂

Mark Kay

My tan always looking fresh and looking like I just came back from Mexico !


Planet Sun offers excellent service with friendly and knowledgeable staff enjoy my tans especially before going on vacation. Lynda

Lynda Crayston

Great location! Clean facility with knowledgeable employees. I appreciate the variety of lotions that Planet Sun carries!

Julia Christina