Since everyone’s sensitivity levels to UV light are different, determining your skin type is the first thing you want to establish before you start tanning, if you haven’t done so already. The more sensitive your skin is, the less UV light it should be exposed to. A Planet Sun Tanning Consultant will help you determine your skin type and create a tanning regiment that is appropriate for you, making sure we increase your exposure time based on your skin’s sensitivity to UV light while minimizing overexposure.

6 Basic Skin Types

Skin type 1.

Has bright white skin and is very sensitive to UV light. Always burns easily and cannot tan because their skin does not produce melanin, and should not use tanning beds.

Skin type 2.

Has light skin and is sensitive to UV light and easily burns. Can tan lightly, and developing a tan will be a slowly gradual process.

Skin type 3.

Has fair skin and a normal sensitivity to UV light. Can burn on occasion, but can tan very well at an average rate, and is the most common skin type to use professional tanning facilities.

Skin type 4.

Has light brown skin and is tolerant of UV light. Can burn minimally and can tan above average with each exposure, and is able to develop a tan relatively quickly, as well as be able to see the tan instantly.

Skin type 5.

Has brown skin and is very tolerant of UV light. Can rarely burn and can develop a tan easily and substantially, as well as be able to see the tan instantly.

Skin type 6.

Has black skin and is extremely tolerant to UV light. Can rarely burn and can tan easily and profusely, and tanning will have little to no effect on the color of the skin.