Planet Sun offers a collection of superior skincare products to complement your tan. Explore the benefits of using skin care products before and after tanning below, and please let us know if you have any questions the next time you tan, and we will be happy to assist you in finding the most suited skin care product for you to use before and after your tan.

Frequent Questions

What are the benefits of an indoor tanning lotion?

Specifically formulated for indoor use, professional indoor tanning lotions enhance melanin production, as well as help hydrate and condition the skin for maximum results, and can develop a more natural looking tan up to 70% faster. When tanning, dry skin reflects light, not allowing UV rays to be absorbed as quickly as when using a lotion. Dry skin is not healthy skin, however keeping your skin moisturized and in optimum condition will help absorb the UV light and achieve a faster, deeper, darker and longer lasting tan.

The other advantage of using an indoor tanning lotion is skin care. Professional tanning lotions contain many vitamins and nutrients, along with emollients, hydrators, moisturizers, and humectants. Your tanning lotion may even contain age-defying and firming ingredients as well as offer other skin care benefits.

What is the best way to apply a bronzer?

Apply an even amount across the entire body in a smooth, circular motion, and remember to always take your time when applying a bronzer to minimize streaking and get the most out of your tan.

Remove the access moisture off your hands on the towel, or wash your hands after application.

Regardless of the concentration of bronzer in your lotion or how expensive it is, you can still have streaks if you rush putting it on. Just like most painting projects, you wouldn’t just slap the paint on, you would apply it carefully for an even, smooth application across the entire area. Unlike self tanners, an indoor tanning lotion contain bronzers which require UV light to shine on your skin to accelerate your tan.

Can I use an indoor tanning lotion outdoors?

Yes, if used in conjunction with an SPF product. Please note that indoor tanning products do not contain sunscreens. Please note that tingle products are NEVER recommended for tanning outdoors, with or without sunscreen.

Why should I use a moisturizer after my tan?

Using a moisturizer locks in moisture and enhances your tanning results. Not only does it preserve and enhance your tan, professional daily moisturizers offer the added benefit of minerals and nutrients key to developing and maintaining your healthy tan and skin.

Note: Some over the counter moisturizers often contain mineral oils, which can not only clog your pores, but also strip away your tan.

Can I use outdoor tanning lotion/baby oil in the bed?

Outdoor tanning lotions contain an SPF. You do not want to use that type of lotion while tanning indoors, as this will defeat the purpose. Indoor tanning is a “controlled environment” and you do not need UV protection. Not to mention, outdoor sunscreen lotions and baby oils contain ingredients such as mineral oil that are harmful to the acrylics you lay on in the tanning bed.

Is it better to apply lotion at home so it has time to absorb in my skin?

It is recommended that you apply your indoor tanning lotion right before getting in the tanning bed. This Ensures maximum magnification and moisturization. Remember, indoor tanning lotions are designed to get absorbed into your skin within minutes, where as out door tanning lotions (containing SPF) are designed to remain on your skin for the duration of the SPF indicated on the bottle.