Study finds boosting vitamin D could save 23,000 Canadians lives, $12.5 billion in healthcare spending

Monday, November 21st, 2016

Sunbeds which emit UVB are an effective alternate vitamin D source during winter months, according to a new Canadian study. Participants in the study who used sunbeds emitting UVB rays in the range equivalent to outdoor summer sunshine increased their vitamin D blood levels on average by 42 nmol. Researchers determined Canadian vitamin D levels have actually been dropping since the last time a similar study was carried out in 2010, putting more people at risk of life threatening illnesses. The study found that if Canadians raised their vitamin D blood levels to an optimal 100 nmol/L, it may prevent 23,000 premature deaths and save $12.5B annually in direct health care costs by bringing in policy changes that promote messaging around safe sun exposure.

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