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  • Exfoliate and Moisturize skin 2 hours prior to your appointment; this helps to achieve an even, longer lasting tan. Do not moisturize after this 2 hour period.
  • Always shave and/ or wax the day before, rather than the day of your Mystic Tan session.
  • Avoid using any lotions or make-up that may act as a barrier, preventing an even application.
  • Note: Adding an Accelerator Shot to your Mystic tan will speed up your tan’s development, so that your colour comes out in half the time.
  • Do not wear clothing or footwear that fits tightly.
  • If adding a Bronze Shot to your Mystic HD session, be aware that lightly coloured clothing may become stained. Since the solution is water sulluble, it will easily wash out in laundry.


  • No Showering or Doing Any Activities that Will Make You Sweat.
  • Wait a minimum of 15 hours before you shower , as the majority of your colour will develop during this time.
  • Avoid using harsh exfoliants and cleansers after your session, as they will cause your Mystic Tan to fade quicker.
  • After every shower, we highly recommend using a moisturizer to enhance and extend the life of your tan.