Ian Wishart, Vitamin D author, clashes with Cancer Society

Sep 26, 2012

Is our obsession with being “sun safe” killing us? Ian Wishart, vitamin D author states “In the last 10 to 15 years scientists have realized vitamin D is actually quite unique, and is not technically a vitamin, it’s a hormone. For pregnant women, your fetus; your developing baby is desperate for vitamin D for brain development. Studies have shown, if you don’t have vitamin D during pregnancy, your child has a higher risk of a lower IQ & poor motor skills. Lack of vitamin D is creating major health issues for our planet. We’ve become so concerned with being “sun safe” that we are putting our health at risk at a much greater level. We are killing more people by saying don’t stay in the sun.” Ian Wishart debates with the Cancer Society proving that people that have higher levels of Vitamin D and are getting more sun, have LESS risk of dying from melanoma & other cancers. Ian challenges a Cancer Society representative to name a study that proves sunscreen protects against melanoma, but there are none to be found. “This is not personal against the cancer Society, says Ian, but’s it’s a massive conflict of interest. They make money from marketing sunscreen, in fact the melanoma foundation is sed by sunscreen manufacturers! Like I said, there is not one credible study in the world that proves sunscreen protects against melanoma, but yet every summer The Cancer Society, The Ministry of Health and the Melanoma Foundations around the world are telling us to use more sunscreen.” This video is a Must Watch!