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Planet Sun offers an array of highest-rated tanning equipment to cater to your specific tanning needs.
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Matrix L33

The Matrix-L33-ER is considered to be the best High Pressure bed in the world! With its 33 of the highest quality sun lamps, it is guaranteed to give you a perfect all around bronzing effect to the entire body. By using predominantly UVA rays, it allows your skin to achieve a deep and golden tan that is maintained in fewer visits. Once you have had one session in this high end bed, it will be close to impossible to find anything like it!

Available only at 16640 Yonge St.

Ergoline Classic 650

The Ergoline Classic 650 Ultra Power combines astonishing tanning performance and comfort features to create the most powerful tanning experience in the salon. 12 high-pressure lamps in the canopy and the side plus 26 turbo power UV lamps in the base, which gives you an instant browning effect, as well as providing a deeper and longer lasting tan. The shoulder tanners provide an even, all-over tan for the top of the shoulders, great for removing those stubborn swim suit lines in the summer. The climate control system gives you a cool and relaxing tanning experience. This bed will take your tan to the ultimate level and is recommended for advanced tanners only after a base tan has already been established. Once you try it no other bed will compare!

Available at 16640 Yonge St. & 1111 Davis Dr.

Ergoline Sunrise 480

We’d like to introduce our NEW Ergoline Sunrise 480 Turbo Power Stand up! The most Powerful stand up in the city! Come experience tanning at its finest while maintaining a comfortable body temperature, thanks to its “Silent Cooling System” that bathes the body in a pleasant flow of cool air, yet is whisper quiet. The 200 watt, 2 meter long bulbs allow you to achieve a deeper, and ensures a total body coverage, that features a short maximum tanning schedule, as well as enjoy the 3D sound system with optional MP3/IPOD Dock.

Available at 16640 Yonge St. & 1111 Davis Dr.

Ergoline Affinity 600

The Affinity 600’s 46 Turbo Power UV lamps and 3 – 500 watts Ultra Performance facial tanners, will impress any tanning enthusiast. The standard reflector neck tanner and optional shoulder tanner result in the perfect all-over tan. The comfort level in this sunbed is extraordinary for its class. A new Body Shape acrylic, with its extra-wide surface, allows clients an amazing amount of movement so they can find just the right position. Chosing your desired level of ventilation is continuously adjustable and keeps you comfortably cool throughout your session. In addition, having a high-quality stereo sound system including the Voice Guide function, provides an even more enjoyable tanning experience.

Available at 16640 Yonge St. & 1111 Davis Dr.


The Starship is a powerful 200 watt stand up unit. It has a powerful built-in cooling system that blows a 21 mile per hour wind on you while you tan, which allows you to stay cool under the intense power of the bulbs.

Available only at 16640 Yonge St.

200 Watt Sun Capsule

The 200 Watt Sun Capsule comes equipped with 54 -200 watt bulbs, giving you a deep, dark tan, while offering the strongest cooling system on the market with a 24 MPH breeze, keeping you cool  and comfortable under the power of the bulbs.

Available only at 1111 Davis Dr.

Royal Sun Express 38

The Royal Sun100 Watt Express 38 offers maximum room comfort with a powerful exhaust system that eliminates heat build-up. High-performance design and the wrap-around form is one of the most efficient tanning beds available today.  A great bed to start off your base tan in, or more advanced tanners can go in for a full 20 minute relaxing session.

Available only at 16640 Yonge St.

Tanses 38

The Tanses 38, has 2 – 400 Watt Facial Tanners with 38 tightly Packed Lamps with the Highest UV Intensity possible for the fastest tanning time available. A good bed to start off your base in, or more advanced tanners can go in for a comfortable 20 minute session.

Available only at 1111 Davis Dr.

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