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Level 6

Matrix L33

  • A high pressure bed that gives a deeper, longer lasting tanning result
  • Your tan stays dark for twice as long as using other high intensity beds
  • Achieve the darkest tan in this high performance bed
  • Features a maximum time of 15 minutes

Level 6

Ergoline Classic 650

  • A High Pressure bed that gives you instant colour, as well as a deeper and longer lasting tan
  • The climate control system gives you a cool and relaxing tanning experience
  • This bed will take your tan to the ultimate level
  • Features a maximum time of 15 minutes

Level 5

Ergoline Sunrise 480

  • This 200 watt stand up booth, with 2 meter bulbs, provides an even tan from head to toe, ensuring total body coverage
  • Adjustable fan controls to keep you cool and comfortable
  • The Voice Guide will walk you through the steps to get a more enjoyable tanning experience
  • Features a maximum time of 9 minutes which allows you to get darker faster

Level 5

Ergoline Affinity 600

  • This powerful bed Has 46 Turbo Power UV lamps, with 3 – 500 watt Ultra Performance facial tanners gives you dramatic tanning results
  • Adjustable fan controls, separate for the face and body, keeps you comfortably cool throughout your session
  • An extra-wide surface, allows for an amazing amount of movement so you can find just the right position
  • The Voice Guide function, provides an even more enjoyable tanning experience
  • Features a maximum time of 12 minutes

Level 4


  • A 200 watt stand up booth that gives you a dark tan
  • It has a powerful built-in cooling system that blows a 21 MPH wind on you while you tan, which allows you to stay cool under the intense power of the bulbs
  • Features a maximum time of 12 minutes

Level 4

200 Watt Sun Capsule

  • This 200 Watt stand up booth gives you a dark tan, while offering the strongest cooling system with a 24 MPH breeze, keeping you cool and comfortable under the power of the bulbs
  • Features a maximum time of 12 minutes

Level 3

Ergoline Passion 34

  • Includes 3 – 400 Watt adjustable facial bulbs
  • Comfort Cooling ventilation controls keep your face and body cool & comfortable
  • Offers maximum room comfort with a high performance design
  • Features a maximum time of 15 minutes

Level 3

Ergoline Ambition 250

  • This medium intensity bed with it’s 3 – 400 watt facial tanners is great for those who want a little more power and heat on the body, while building a base tan
  • An adjustable fan keeps you cool and comfortable
  • Features a maximum time of 20 minutes

Level 2

Tanses 38

  • A medium intensity bed ideal for building a base tan or relaxing for a longer duration of time
  • Has 2-400 Watt Facial tanners giving the face a deeper tan
  • Features a maximum time of 20 minutes

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The beds are clean and the staff is super helpful.

Cynthia Buckley

Great reception with informative advice. Loved my tan !

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Truly an amazing salon. I’ve been tanning at location for 11 years. It’s very clean & the staff are professional who welcome you with a smile & friendly face. Best tanning bed’s around!

Brenda Sowerby

It is great tanning at Planet Sun. It is a beautiful and very clean facility, with flexible hours. The staff is very friendly, helpful and well informed. It’s a great experience!

Cheryl Magee