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green-teaMystic Tan® revolutionized the world of tanning in 1998 when it introduced the world’s first UV-free spray-on tanning system. The primary focus of Mystic Tan is to provide you with the smoothest, most even, natural-looking sunless tan possible. Mystic didn’t just perfect the spray on tan, they invented it. Mystic Tan is delivering the easiest way to maintain a healthy glow throughout the entire year.

Whether you are looking to BUILD the perfect tan or to create a beautiful GLOW, Mystic Tan is the NATURAL choice to manage your color. Mystic Tan’s color management system consists of products that are designed to achieve the perfect tan at home, and to enhance your spray application within our Professional Studios.

HYDRATOR Skin-Nourishing Moisturizer

Instantly hydrate your skin! This skin nourishing, patent-pending lotion is designed to be applied immediately before the Mystic Tan sunless session. This unique blend of moisturizers instantly hydrates the skin, and continuously balances moisture levels throughout the entire development process.

SUNLESS Self-Tanning Spray

Our famous patented, alcohol-free, quick-drying, deep penetrating tanning formulation, used and trusted by millions each year. This 360 degree spray technology provides ease of use, with even, controlled coverage – no rubbing required.

ENHANCER Color-Boosting Moisturizer

This DHA and vitamin-enriched daily skin-nourishing lotion promotes healthy-looking skin, while boosting your sunless tanning results so your color depth is intensified and lasts longer. Can also be used as a color-boosting moisturizer to create a warm, sexy glow, with color you can control.

SUNLESS Self-Tanning Lotion

Our famous patented, alcohol-free, quick-drying, deep penetrating tanning formulation, used and trusted by millions each year. This specially formulated tanning lotion glides on evenly for a streak-free, natural-looking sunless tan. (Applicator Mitt included for a touch free application.)

Perfect Tan Kit

This perfect tan take home system utilizes a patented formulation technology, specifically designed to give you the deepest, most natural-looking sunless tan ever. This system also helps to aid against unnatural-looking color and other common concerns associated with self-applied sunless tanning.

Quality and patented technology have always been fundamental to each and every product that Mystic Tan introduces. That's the reason Mystic is used in thousands of salons and spas worldwide. After more than 10 years of innovation, they are still the world leader in sunless tanning.

EXFOLIATOR Skin Refining Body Wash

The perfect tan begins with the perfect skin base. Prime your skin with Mystic Tan’s Skin Refining Body Wash enriched with Aloe Vera and exfoliating micro-beads. This blend refines and prepares the skin before the Mystic Tan tanning session.

ACCELERATOR Skin-Conditioning Complex

To achieve the deepest, darkest, most natural-looking tan in as little as half the time, condition your skin with Mystic Tan’s patented Skin Conditioning Complex. This complex will accelerate desired sunless results while adjusting the skin’s pH and balancing its moisture level, which is essential for natural-looking results.

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